I understand all your furniture, contemporary or antiques are important and have great sentimental value. So, when they’re looking a little sickly, my philosophy is to never let them perish. I work to revive—not replace—by breathing new life into worn down furniture pieces.


Anything from nicks, scratches, gouges, water marks and other blemishes, and damage to all types of wood and wood furniture. Sometimes, a touch-up is all you need.



Sometimes items are needing a total refinishing.  These are the situations I really enjoy the most. Bringing these pieces "back to life" is very rewarding both for me and the customer!!

I have an unwavering philosophy of caring for furniture. I respect and preserve as much of any original piece as possible.

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My name is Phil Jacobs and I truly enjoy living in Kessler Park with my wife Becky on Evergreen Hills Road. We have been in the “hood” since 2011. Before that we lived in Garland.

I was born and raised in a suburb of Boston and attended a liberal arts college located in western MA. Although I majored in Wood Working, I also took classes in Printing, Power Mechanics, Leather Craft, Drafting and even a class in Pottery. My dad worked in the “trades” as a finish carpenter, and I had a lot of “hands on” experience helping him. He later spent over 30 years teaching wood working and drafting at the high school level.

 Sometime in 1968, with a very attractive low draft number, Uncle Sam took an interest in my future. Rather than get drafted, I enlisted in the US Army and was guaranteed a school after basic training. My plan was to go to the Army’s Journalism school and thus maybe avoiding a tour in Vietnam. In May of 1969 I found myself in Vietnam as a combat Photographer. I ended up spending 6 years in Vietnam, returning in April, 1975 during the Fall of Saigon.

After serving my time in the Army I returned to Massachusetts, enjoying the four seasons and again worked with my dad with various wood work related projects. In March of 1978, I experienced the worst snowstorm ever and headed to Texas.

In 1980 I purchased a “fixer-upper” in Garland, TX and lived there for over 30 years, raising 3 children, much of that time as a single dad. Maintenance wise, I did it all including landscaping and maintenance, exterior and interior painting, carpet installation, water heater replacements, kitchen upgrades (cabinets and counter top installation), ceramic tile installation in bathrooms, kitchen and entry, and anything else that was required. In my spare time, while working a fulltime job with Tom Thumb as a Meat Market Manager, I enjoyed repairing and refinishing a myriad of furniture and other items made of wood.

Although over my lifetime I had a successful 22-year marketing business as well as a 16-year retail career, it was at this point I wanted to “get back” to working with my hands…with wood!

My wife Rebecca and I moved into her mom’s house in Kessler after her passing and discovered much of our furniture required some TLC after the move. Additionally my wife’s family had some “hidden away” antiques that needed “re-birthing”.  I have been busy ever since.

During all the time I spent over the years refinishing, staining, sanding, and repairing all kinds of furniture and other items made of wood, I utilized a myriad of products from various vendors. Recently I aligned myself with a company out of Hickory, North Carolina called Mohawk. I have found their products to be consistent and of extremely high quality. Additionally, although not a total purist when it applies to power tools, I tend to do most of my work by hand.

I would enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to perform some TLC, total stripping and refinishing or address water stains, holes, gouges, cracks, dents, burns, scratches, corner or edge damage, fading and more on your furniture, cabinets, flooring, shelving, etc.

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